An Interview With Erin Collins

Erin Collins

Many of you that have been with our little Vintages community for a while are familiar with our owner and head wine nerd, Erin Collins. For most of the nearly 20 years Vintages has existed, Erin has been behind the counter ready to greet everyone with a smile and a wealth of wine knowledge. She is the reason walking into Vintages feels like walking into a home, granted, a freaking amazingly stocked wine home, but you get what I mean. Even though she hasn’t been around as much over the past couple of years, her presence is carried on by the incredible people that welcome you into the store with open arms, and sometimes, open bottles of wine.

Recently, the folks at We Like Drinking were in the store doing some filming for a video and Erin happened to be in the store. They couldn’t pass on this golden opportunity to get some time with Erin to talk about what she’s seen in wine trends over the past 20 years, how 70 year old ladies play into that, and what Vintages can offer you, our most awesome customers.

The Erin Collins Interview


Jeff Eckles is a regular contributor to Vintages’ web site as well as the co-founder of We Like Drinking. He is aCertified Specialist of Wine and is currently working on his Certified Wine Educator certificate

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